Live video of scoreboard

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Live video of scoreboard

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I am wondering if there will be a way to take a video camera and point it to a scoreboard and LiveScore would be able to take that information and display it as a score bug on a live video stream? If not, it is working great as is and the scoreboard that is being used is not Daktronics and not accessible for running a cable. However, football, soccer, and lacrosse are not an issue as the Daktronics controller is right next to the streaming unit. This is for all the other times when I cannot connect to a controller.

Thanks. Bill

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Re: Live video of scoreboard

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Hi Bill

thank you for your post

i think the Scoreboard OCR integration might be a good fit.
a camera recognizes the values on your venue scoreboard, and Scoreboar OCR will send the data to Live Score which then automatically shows it within the scoreboards

Heres a link that should hopefully help you

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