Scoreboard OCR/ Enable Input

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Scoreboard OCR/ Enable Input

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I am a new user of the and am working to incorporate the scoreboard ocr feature. I have synced the two programs and have a connection between my scoreboard OCR input and live.score, yet nothing changes on the scoreboard when I press start.

I've noticed when setting up the scoreboard ocr within live. score. that the enable input button is not "clickable" so not "on". I've researched all I could and tested several different things and still not able to enable input.

Any Ideas?

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Re: Scoreboard OCR/ Enable Input

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Hi there

welcome to Live Score :)

so you mean the "enable" checkbox is not possible?
then it might be due to the license.
can you use this page to verify if you have access to the feature:

if you have a trial from it should definitely be possible to enable it.

So basic concept then would be (after the configuration),
enable the input, and press the blue start button, then the console output should show something like "stared scoreboard ocr..."

i hope this helps

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