Free vs. IOS vs. Desktop

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Free vs. IOS vs. Desktop

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I originally purchased the desktop app. Can I switch it to the IOS version? If I switch to the IOS version, does the Ipad I use to control the scoreboard have to be on the same network as my computer running the live stream? I use a pc with vmix that is hard wired ethernet. I want to control the scoreboard on my ipad, is that possible? I have bought gameday passes and that doesnt work because not on same network.

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Re: Free vs. IOS vs. Desktop

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that depends on when you've purchased the desktop app

can you contact us directly via
and then we look into this

regarding the networking
yes you need to be on the same network to make it work...
so the whole setup can be fully tested with the demo version.
only some buttons are disabled and a watermark might appear...but the connection should also work in the demo version

best regards

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