Pre sale questions

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Pre sale questions

Post by gaffer »

Hi there, I tried sending a question via the bottom corner chat on the website a few days ago but so far no response so I thought I'd ask here.

My question is about this product: ... rol-soccer

Firstly, is that a one-off payment or a monthly subscription?

Secondly, am I correct in thinking that I can create a scoreboard for Cardiff City matches (English Football League Championship) and have it display in my OBS when I'm livestreaming and the score and time will automatically update itself?

If so, what other info can I display? Player selections? Goalscorers and times? Red and yellow cards?

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Re: Pre sale questions

Post by livescore-team »

I think we already wrote in the support by now

but heres a public answer too :)

so everything about pricing is easily explained here:
that should explain the difference between one-off and monthly

the other thing is currently in discussion,
so if you stream your own games, you can easily operate the scoreboard on your own
if you however want to automatically fetch data from a venue scoreboard or anything else, then the integration with might help

i hope this helps you

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