Output Rendering

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Output Rendering

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In the Live-Score App, Is it best to size the scoreboards in Live-Score or in Vmix overlay ?? It seems the black area (thought this is the screen size in Vmix) is very small. If I arrange the scoreboards in Live-Score it only uses the upper left quadrant of the Vmix screen. I have sized and positioned in Vmix, but the scoreboard gets unreadable when I size it in Vmix. So, Zoom and position in Vmix or in Live-Score-App ??

This is what it looks like in Live-Score

This is how it looks in Vmix....

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Re: Output Rendering

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its a combination
depending on what you use, i would always try to output it as big as possible
or with NDI in the correct size

unfortunately i cannot see the images here

could you send an email to the support address?


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