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Live Score 2.0 Released

Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2021 11:13 pm
by livescore-team
It's here! Version 2.0!

After all these years with version 1.x, and the launch of the brand new Live Score logo, we thought it might be THE TIME to finally move on to version 2.0!

We are more than happy and excited to share the brand new Live Score logo.
It's not only about the logo, but about a new motivation, a new level of professionalism and excitement :)

But the new release does not come only with a new logo.
The most interesting things might be the brand new themes in the Desktop App.
Whether a makeover of the traditional Dark theme, a new Light theme, or even a High Contrast theme for people with color and contrast disabilities. These options should definitely help you, even on a bright summer day.

Theres even more, custom font sizes in the Desktop App, addition and fixes for Baseball, Hockey and more.
Read everything about the new release at

have fun with Live Score 2.0