Live Score 1.10.3 with Device Output and Baseball Lineups

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Live Score 1.10.3 with Device Output and Baseball Lineups

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Hi everyone

Live Score 1.10.3 has just been released.

After quite a long time, we are finally opening the support for graphic card rendering to the public.
This features is called "Device Output" and allows you to send a clean feed of the scoreboard directly to your graphics card.
Sounds interesting? Read about it here:

Besides that, people who use Live Score for Baseball or Softball might be as excited as I am.
The Lineup Module has finally been released.
Manage your roster for both teams and automatically show pitchers and batters with the built in batting order and more.

And yes, we even created a new userguide for sports to explain that to you in detail.
Not yet done with all of them, but the new feature is already available: ... s/baseball

This, and lots of other features such as configurable Hockey Major/Minor penalty times, NDI v5, NDI Groups support, sport extension, fixes and more are available in the latest Live Score 1.10.3.

heres the full changelog:

we hope you enjoy the new version