Live Score 1.10.0 with Wrestling

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Live Score 1.10.0 with Wrestling

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Hi everyone

Live Score 1.10.0 has just been published.

The world is on hold - but not Live Score! Lots of new features and some important bug fixes are coming with the new version.

But probably the most interesting feature -> WRESTLING has been released as additional option within the MMA package.
Riding Time, Weight Classes, Team Scores and's time for wrestling.

And the best thing is -> if you are an owner of the MMA package, then you already have a license for it.
Otherwise it's your time to grab the MMA/Wrestling package or even the affordable monthly subscription of the full Professional Edition.

Along with WRESTLING, we've released some important bug fixes for CRICKET, addons for FOOTBALL, improvements for SOCCER,
some Daktronics improvements, a brand new PITCHER NAME display for the upcoming BASEBALL season and more.

heres the full changelog:

we hope you enjoy the new version