New Subscription released

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New Subscription released

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Hi guys

I have unbelievable good news (at least I hope so).

We all know it's been a tough year!
I know many of you are struggling, and also many of you, especially the smaller teams are forced to stream their games nowadays due to the restrictions with the audience.
And I also know that budgets are sometimes low out there...

There where many requests about getting access to some features of the Professional Edition, and I started thinking about what I could do to help you.

I did already have that prototype feature with time limited licenses, and suddenly realized this could be a least something I can do in times like these.

And thus I'm more than happy to announce the official release of the Live Score Professional Edition Subscription.

You can finally get access to the full Professional Edition - for an affordable price.
And I also want to be fair - you can cancel anytime!
Subscribe for the period of your season and simply pause during off-season.

I think this could be a huge step to give everyone of you the option to improve the experience of your audience in a totally new way that was not possible and affordable for most of you before.

If you are now wondering what happens to your existing worries!
One-Time payments will still exist and you have still all updates included with your all is set for existing customers

If you have any questions or just want to share feedback,
I'd be happy to hear from you

best regards