Live Score 1.9.0 with Cricket and Gaelic Football

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Live Score 1.9.0 with Cricket and Gaelic Football

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Hi everyone

unbelievable, but we've just released something that has been in the works since quite a while - CRICKET!

so many of you have requested it, and its finally here.

setup your game, prepare your roster, and use one of the new cricket scoreboards.
its indeed an intense sport with so many things to consider - and i really hope you like it

besides that, lots of other things have been published as well.

Multi-Sport has a support for gaelic football by using the new flex point mode and the new scoreboards.

NDI has been updated with new stuff and resolutions,
lots of great sports extensions for Baseball, Basketball, Handball, Hockey, Soccer and Tennis

and yes...some bug fixes :D

heres the full changelog:

have fun with the new version