Version 2.7 with better NDI, X-Keys Live LED and more

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Version 2.7 with better NDI, X-Keys Live LED and more

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I'm happy to announce the latest release 2.7.0 of the Live Score Desktop App.
A better stability for the 2023 season!

The latest version comes with some great addons for a better and more stable production.

One of the main changes that might seem weird, is the downgrade to NDI 5.0!
After endless hours of debugging with random out-of-memory exceptions, the decision has been made to get back to NDI 5.0 which clearly makes NDI stable and reliable again in our case.

Users of the X-Keys devices can now use the interactive live LED feedback feature to toggle LED buttons depending on the state of an element (ON/OFF). This optional and visual indicator is a great thing for operators who only focus on their X-Keys devices when operating the score bugs.

In addition to this, soccer has brand new red cards elements, the API got a new XML format and way more.

And last but not least, the Live Score Remote app is now also available on the Mac App Store!

We hope you like this release, and wish you an amazing start into this season!

Here's the changelog: